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.n e w s.

um yeah, new poll, and also vote for the new layout! ill be back later to update
nothing new today...i put up a photos page
new poll, vote for your favorite song...i voted other , my favorite is Somthing in the Way, yeah, i love the beat to moist vagina, but the lyrics are so fuckin dirty!!!!!!!!!!!! oh well, you cant really hear him anyway, well thats it...im gonna add new stuff to the site. that might be a lie.
yeah...council positions filled...here they are:
I (Lithium)- nirvanachick220 (admin)
II (Teen Spirit) - sk8er_boy2001 (admin)
III (Sliver) - ihateavrillavigne655 (admin)
IV (HeartShaped) - princess_serena88uk
V (Your Right) - neogyrl (admin)
well those are it... and also vote for the logo, theres one in the photos or somthing and one in the acual logo spot. personally, i think the one we have is good, and the one in the photos is really dark.

2003 The Kurt Cobain 4ever Guild